MICRO-BOX support

MICRO-BOX support

Micro-box anniversary mega sale



2 years of support will cost 20€

1 years of support will cost 10€

If you not active this Support, you will still can use all software's and unlock all the models supported until your end of support.

If you active the support, you will can use all new update until your support end.

You can active online the support HERE:

All resellers will have also access to active the support in real-time.


Rules :


21 JUNE 2019 :


From 21 june 2019, all our 'Compatible box' will be like Micro-Box, Support / activation / special credits, will be same price as Micro-box price, exemple : 1Year support = 10€ ....


- Micro-Box 

- Micro-Dongle

- SL-Box


- HXC Dongle

- Main Infinity-Box

- Infinity-Box Dongle

- Infinity-Box [BEST]

- Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool



1st JULY 2013 :

- All old Micro-BOXes that are over 3 years will need to active this support from the 1st July 2013.

- All others old MICRO-BOXes (sold before the 24 april 2013) will need to be activated after it reach 3 years.

- All new MICRO-BOXes that will be baught after the 1st July 2013 will get  2 years of support.

- All MICRO-Dongles will have 2 years of support after the 1 July 2013.

- All SL-BOXes converted to MICRO-Boxes will have 2 years of support after date of Converting.


 Very old style to active it : 


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